Cartwright's Sonoran Ranch House Expands Menu and Renovates Dining Area

At-nightCartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House is Cave Creek’s modern cowboy eatery and it is growing! This summer, the restaurant proudly announced they would be serving a new menu and opening the restaurant at 11 AM daily, just in time for lunch. The Cartwright’s dining area has also gotten a lift, as the restaurant recently revealed a beautiful renovation that is both rustic and elegant, with a down-to-earth charm.  


Elements-1“Red” Japer and Beulah Cartwright led their family to Phoenix in 1877 to farm the land, which at the time had only a small handful of brick & mortar buildings peppered across an expanse of desert wildlife, and some cultivated farmland. The Cartwrights were one of the first Euro-American families to arrive during the US’ westward expansion of the late 1800s, settling initially around the area of Maryvale. Toward the end of the century, the mining industry in Arizona boomed, bringing troves of hungry miners and a huge demand for beef!

Wine-RoomCartwright decided then and there to sell everything for a herd of 160 cattle and drive them northeast to the area of Cave Creek. It was here that the Cartwright name gained notoriety for the family’s high quality beef and honest dealings. Over the years, the Cartwrights were also instrumental in the development of the city, helping to bring water, roads and education to the valley.



Bar-TableNew renovations at Cartwright’s are said to “elevate cowboy cuisine to a whole new level, [by] thoughtfully melding the essence of the original ranch with modern comfort and class.” We agree! Cartwright’s can be appropriate ambiance for an important business meeting, or a relaxing happy hour after a long day.


The crafty use of reclaimed materials for indoor furnishings along with the low-key lighting gives a feeling of sitting around a campfire, while also lounging in a high-class modern eatery.  See the photos and stop by to check it out for yourself!

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