Buying Local Becomes the Featured Message in Local Papers

newspaperThis time of year, when you pick up your local paper, you may be bombarded with holiday sales and other blockbuster ads claiming they have the best deal in town. But another trend among our local publications this holiday season is the editorial section reminding readers about the importance of shopping local for the holidays! We're catching lots of great articles from some of our local publications - have you seen other papers jumping on the buy local message? Here's a collection of what we've seen so far: Shopping small creates big benefits, Arizona Daily Star "I think sometimes we’re so bombarded with advertising on TV and the radio for bigger businesses and chains that we forget that there are really great places to shop in Tucson that are local... And when you shop locally, that money goes right back into the local economy, which is really important.”

Our View: Don't forget your local merchants, Sierra Vista Herald "The biggest incentive to ‘shop small,’ is that in doing so, you are not only helping to keep small businesses operating, you are making your community stronger. It’s likely when you purchase a product or service at a local store or restaurant, you are helping to pay the salary of a neighbor, a friend or a family member."

Editorial: Shop small, shop local, Eastern Arizona Courier "We’re hopeful Geneveve’s Marketplace — and all our Downtown shops — have a successfully holiday shopping season and we see more retail growth on Main Street."

Holiday Shoppers Expected to Buy Local this Holiday Season, LocalRevibe "American consumers are expected to spend a combined $600 billion this holiday season, so even a small shift in spending to local businesses here at home would add up to a huge investment for Arizona communities."

Shop local, if you can, this holiday season, Inside Tucson Business "You have a lot of choices for where to spend your money this holiday season... do your best to keep your money here, where it can do the most to help you, your neighbors, your local businesses, your local economy and that also helps pay for the government services you rely on."

Help create the place you want to live by shopping local, "The localism movement is more than a shop local campaign, it is a job creating movement. Another study looked at the impact of a shift in spending of just 10 percent from national chains to local businesses. This showed that in a city roughly the size of Tucson, if everyone shifted just 10 percent of their shopping to local businesses, 1,600 new jobs would be created in one year."

Businesses boost buying locally, "People think they can get everything they want at a big box but what we are trying to get them to think is that they can get everything they want at Bell Mar Plaza."

LOCAL FIRST ARIZONA’S ANNUAL BUY LOCAL MONTH TO FURTHER ENCOURAGE HOLIDAY SHOPPERS TO SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES, SanTan Valley Today "This holiday season, surveys show that holiday shoppers are more inclined to support small, local businesses for their holiday needs this year."

Local shops hoping to attract more customers during holiday season, Ahwatukee Foothills News "More of the money when you shop local stays within the community... It’s more likely that local businesses will use local CPAs or work with a local company to do their marketing or advertising."

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