CyraCom - Going Local with Their Holiday Gift Giving at Work

refresh glass Many companies reward their employees for all of their hard work throughout the year with a small gift in appreciation of their services and in celebration of the holidays. What many businesses are realizing is that company gift giving is another prime opportunity to go local with your dollars, as LFA sustaining member CyraCom International, Inc. will be demonstrating this year! They decided to go with Refresh Glass glassware, another Local First Arizona member who is on a mission to save 10 million wine bottles from landfills and use them to create functional glassware and other fun items.

"This year we were looking for ideas for holiday gifts for our employees, and I’ve been meeting with LFA Director Kimber Lanning and hearing so much about Local First Arizona, that we decided to call for some ideas," says CyraCom International Chief Financial Officer Susan Sweeney. "Refresh Glass fits right into our Company culture – we believe that sustainability is very important, and this is our community.  So the gifts this year just make so much sense because we are supporting the sustainability of Refresh Glass, and supporting a local business. Besides that, the glasses are really cool!"

Arizona is so lucky to have such a community-minded business based right here and doing great work across the world!

"CyraCom International, Inc. supports Local businesses whenever we can, through our procurement programs and our charitable giving," continues Sweeney. "We are a sustaining member of Local First Arizona, and we wanted to do more than just pay our membership fee. We understand that it is our Corporate Responsibility to support our local communities and it just makes sense – because our employees live here and we need great communities to attract and retain great employees."

CyraCom is definitely putting their money where their mouth is - not only are they helping to create more vibrant communities for their own employees by supporting local businesses, but they're keeping  jobs right here in Arizona. Plus, they were named as the number one privately-owned job creator in Arizona this year!

Are you gifting locally at your company or business this year? Let us know in the comments!

Erica FetherstonComment