Improve Your Domestic Violence Initiative at Your Workplace

This guest post is brought to you by LFA member Stephanie Angelo of Human Resource Essential:  lfa-logoDear fellow Local First Arizona members,

In the past weeks we’ve seen numerous articles in the news about domestic violence fatalities and attempted murder. Heinous stories, to be sure.

Have you considered what would have happened with slightly altered circumstances such as the shootings took place at the victim’s place of work?

The reality is that- that happens nearly every day somewhere. Another reality is that the offender’s workplace was probably somewhat aware of his anger and animosity to his estranged wife.

There is a lot the workplace can do to mitigate these tragic events through trained experts, comprehensive, tailored policies and appropriate referrals to domestic violence specialized EAP counselors.

We can help. Please read the attached information and give us a call. We are reaching out specifically to Local First members because we are a member too. We’re here to support each other and to make our community a better, safer place to live.

I’d also like to invite you to tune in to a web-based discussion on the benefits and value of having a workplace domestic violence program. The panelists are a local attorney, an attorney for SCF Arizona (also an ASBA member) and me. The registration information can be found in this link:


Stephanie Angelo, SPHR Founder/CEO Human Resource Essential

I’m always happy to talk with you about improving your domestic violence initiative. Just give me a call at (480) 726-9833 or send an email to [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you.