A huge thank you to our ever-impressive ALFAs!

Dear Fall Festival Volunteers, photo-3

We here at Local First Arizona always arrive with big hopes and expectations every year we hold our Certified Local Fall Festival. I'm writing to you all to proclaim with absolute sincerity that you have surpassed all expectations for greatness. I continually hear positive remarks about how friendly, helpful, excited, and exuberant each of our volunteers were at the festival. I want you all to know that without our amazing ALFAs and vibrant volunteers, we could not accomplish even half of the great things we do. Personally, I was at the raffle booth for most of the time and want to give a shout-out to my stellar staff for the day! You guys rocked and I can't wait for the next event with you!

photo-5For those that handled greeting, vendor assistance and, especially, trash throughout the day, I thank you. I know it can get tough shlepping full bags of trash, but to hear visitors comment on how clean the festival was, it's all because of you!

photo-7Beer and Wine Garden, WOW! Talk about busy, right? You guys kept moving even though that heat wouldn't quit! I cannot express how amazing you were whether your job was slapping on wristbands, pouring for vendors, selling tickets, or talking up raffle entries! You all kept up the positivity that visitors and staff alike gravitate toward!


Raffle and ticket sellers, you guys were the backbone of this whole operation! From thefront all the way to the back, you guys held it all together! One volunteer even graciously filled out raffle entry forms for a father so he could tend to his son that wasn't feeling well. YOU ROCK!

Lastly, all those that were able to give your time for gift bag stuffing, I'm so impressed with how quickly those 500 gift bags could get filled! We rocked out to some great music, had a lot of laughs and finished up those giveaway bags in less than 2 hours!

photo-6We had a great time working with you all and hope you can join us at our many other events happening all throughout the year! For more information on upcoming volunteer opportunities and events, please contact: [email protected]


Locally yours, The Local First Team

Wonder why the shirt you were sporting had "Localist" on it? If you didn't get time to stop by the Local First Arizona booth, check out our Localist Program today! 

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