Local Tucson Entrepreneur Finds Security Flaws in Google; Introduces New Loyalty Rewards Program

dual swipeMobile technology has revolutionized the way we maintain and spend our money. One application that has paved the way in this mobile money revolution is Google Wallet. Google Wallet is a mobile payment system that allows its users to store debit cards, credit cards, and loyalty cards on their mobile phone for safer, speedier checkouts without having to worry about missing out on Loyalty points. With Google Wallet, you can send money from anywhere, including your Gmail account.

Google prides itself in creating products with the user’s safety, privacy, and convenience in mind. Consequently, they have developed the Application Vulnerability Reward Program (AVRP), which recognizes and rewards those who discover vulnerabilities in Google application software. Recently, Google has honored Maher Pedersoli, a local Tucson entrepreneur with induction to the Vulnerability Reward Program Hall of Fame for his discovery of a security flaw in Google Wallet’s API. This privacy and security flaw potentially gives anyone access to an individual’s Loyalty Accounts and Digital Card ID’s by simply knowing their email address. After bringing the error to Google’s attention via a YoutTube video, Google responded by fixing the issue and inducting Pedersoli into the AVRP Hall of Fame.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized for this award. More importantly, I am happy to know that a potentially dangerous security and privacy flaw has been fixed, protecting millions of users in the process,” said Pedersoli.

Unfortunately, not all were as receptive as Google to Pedersoli’s YouTube video and API flaw discovery. Logan LaHive, founder and CEO of BellyCard, one of the nation’s largest loyalty network programs, challenged Pedersoli’s discovery via the YouTube video. Regrettably for LaHive, Google researched the flaw and discovered it to be accurate and honored Pedersoli with a cash prize and Hall of Fame induction.

When Pedersoli isn’t protecting mobile users from dangerous security and privacy flaws, he is working on his innovative mobile universal wallet application called DualSwipe. Dualswipe will enable customers in all participating retailer loyalty programs to be able to track, manage and utilize their loyalty reward points with a universal digital wallet.

“Right now, the available Loyalty Reward Program system is flawed, limiting us to only being able to earn points for once place at a time. Imagine being able to earn universal reward points, which can be used with a variety of different vendors. That’s the idea behind Dualswipe…allowing users to earn points at multiple locations while spending them at a variety of locations to maximize their benefits,” said Pedersoli.

Interesting new thing about Dualswipe is something that has never been done before with retailer loyalty cards on this scale. By using Dualswipe you will earn universal points in addition to merchant specific points. To explain this better, let’s say you currently have Starbucks Loyalty Rewards Card that gives you one free coffee after you have purchased 12 coffees, and earned 12 points (one per coffee). If you simply use your Starbucks card by itself, you get your 13th coffee free. If you make the exact same 12 purchases but use Dualswipe you will get that same benefit, but now you have also earned universal points that you could spend at a different participating retailer of your choosing.

For more information about this revolutionary new digital wallet for all your reward programs, visit Dualswipe.com.