Why We’re Sponsoring the Certified Local Fall Festival

We're happy to welcome this guest post from Scott's Marketplace, one of the title sponsors of the Certified Local Fall Festival! Blog post by April Atwood:  DSC_0828

Supporting local business is in our blood. From blogging about the ways small business owners can use social media, to attending local festivals in our hometown, helping to grow the independent businesses of America is why we get up in the morning.

So for us, it's only natural to sponsor local festivals in our area, which encourage the community to come out and get to know the small business owners that make their cities unique. And we've made the wise decision to become members of Local First Arizona, which puts on the wonderful Certified Local Fall Festival now in its 9th year.

And although we've attended the festival before, this year Scott's Marketplace is proud to be a title sponsor of the event.

"Since it's our goal to support small businesses by creating the ultimate local shopping experience online, we are using this opportunity to share our product with consumers and business owners, and really convey our passion for independent business," said Scott Curry, founder of Scott's Marketplace.

For business owners, local festivals present the perfect opportunity to test new products, increase your profit, and get your business exposure with a wider crowd. For us, local festivals are about strengthening our connection to business owners and the local community. How are we planning to do that? By holding fun giveaways, encouraging consumers to visit all of the businesses in attendance, and most excitingly, displaying our new online shopping experience.

Check out how we hope to make the most out of this year's festival!


1. Meet Our Target Audience

As all small business owners know, getting to know your customers is paramount to establishing a trusted brand. And we can't think of a better place to meet our target audience than a local business festival! The consumers who attend theses festivals, and who support local businesses, are at the forefront of the 'buy local first' movement in America. They understand that in order to grow our economy and maintain the uniqueness of our cities, we need to start from the ground up, and support the independent business owners who are willing to give it a try.

2. Show Off Our Product

As excited as we are to create an online local business marketplace, we are even more thrilled to finally share it with consumers. We will have computers set up for consumers to test out our new site and give us their feedback. As online shopping becomes more prevalent in our nation's consumer habits, having an accessible and user-friendly online marketplace that caters exclusively to small, independently owned businesses is more important than ever.

3. Meet Local Business Owners & Consumers


In order to further encourage the community to get to know the local businesses in the area, we will be running a 'local passport' contest for festival attendees. All consumers will receive a passport with the names of local businesses at the festival, and once they've visited every booth on the list, they can enter for a chance to win a swag bag with an item from each of the businesses, or a brand new iPad!

Ashleigh Barlow, Scott's Marketplace's marketing manager, said the contest is a great way for shoppers to find new local businesses in their area. Our gift bag will include goodies from great local businesses, including: KidStop, Bunky Boutique, Boutique A Go-Go, Old Kentucky Barbecue Sauce, Clothes Minded, Threads by The Shine Project, and Rusty Saturday. We'll even have free homemade dog treats from Happy Tails Barkery!

"We're doing this to encourage all consumers to get to know the local businesses that they may have never heard of before," Ashleigh said.

4. Continue Our Commitment to Choosing Local First


The particular identity that defines every city is not created by national chains and big box retailers. It's defined by the local businesses that dot the streets and metropolitan areas, and the community that supports them. And that's why we make it our mission to support local businesses and associations, and are sponsoring this year's Certified Local Fall Festival.


AprilApril is the marketing coordinator for Scott’s Marketplace. She combines her marketing and writing experience with a love for supporting small businesses. She writes, bikes, and uses a coffee press, but not in the pretentious way. Connect on Google+.