Tempe History Museum to feature Local First AZ members in Made in Tempe exhibition

made in tempe A main function of Local First Arizona is to encourage Arizonans to support locally owned businesses in order to help build vibrant communities that residents are proud to call home. So we love seeing community events that celebrate the great local businesses in their community and spread local awareness and civic pride. A prime example of this is the upcoming exhibition at the Tempe History Museum titled "Made in Tempe."

The “Made in Tempe” exhibition features items from about 40 companies that were manufactured, constructed or formed in Tempe, either historically or currently. Tempe was once a farm town that produced agricultural products. Today, Tempe makes a well-rounded inventory of products ranging from foods to high tech gear. We were happy to see several Local First Arizona members will be highlighted in the exhibit:

Four Peaks Brewing Company - Delicious locally brewed beer Hayden Flour Mills - Heritage grains & flours grown and milled in AZ Heather & Fred Studios - One of a kind furniture creations Bollinger Atelier - Fine arts foundry specializing in bronze casting JewelSmith Jewelry - Arizona's most unusual jeweler

Did you know that all of these things were made in Tempe? There is even more manufacturing going on throughout the state!

Stop by the Made in Tempe exhibit opening on Friday, November 8, at 5:30 p.m. to get a first look at the exhibit (and also sample some locally-made samples!). Click here for more details on the exhibit opening.