LFA member chosen to administer food safety classes for Maricopa County

food safety geeksWe love hearing stories about going local, whether it's an individual consumer, a business, or a government entity. Today we found out that Maricopa County has tapped Local First Arizona member Food Safety Geeks to administer the classroom training portion for Maricopa County food service workers! It just makes sense for city, county, and state contracts to go to local businesses. These entities are using tax payer dollars to pay for goods and services, so when they contract with a local business, they keep more of those tax dollars in state. Those dollars also recirculate in the community and create even more much needed tax revenue to support our schools, public safety officers, and more. Congratulations to Food Safety Geeks, we wish you the best as you teach the many food handlers in Maricopa County about food safety! The addition of the food service worker classroom training program supplements the food safety manager training, alcohol server training, HACCP training, and food safety consulting services provided by Food Safety Geeks. We look forward to providing these additional services to our community and industry partners throughout Maricopa County. Food service workers interested in registering or learning more about the new classroom training program can contact State Food Safety at (602) 288-8638 or by visiting the website.