Introducing: Arizona Distilling Co and Postino Winecafe

We want to give the community a chance to get to know our beverage garden sponsors before the Certified Local Fall Festival! Check out their back-stories below, and come out to meet them on Saturday, November 9th!

Postino WineCafe


Postino, the Valley’s original WineCafe, was born in 2001 with their flagship location in the heart of the Arcadia neighborhood. Gaining its namesake from the 1950s USPS building it was built in, Postino (post office in Italian) quickly gained notoriety and fame as one of the valley’s hottest spots for unique, approachable wines; simple, delicious food prepared with local ingredients; and a warm, edgy culture that brings everyone together. Today, Postino continues this tradition with three unique locations, each set in historically relevant buildings integral to the neighborhoods that surround them. As a member of Upward Projects, Postino WineCafe also has several exceptional sister restaurants throughout Phoenix, including: Windsor, Federal Pizza, Joyride Taco House, and Churn.

postino -eastWith a dedication to preserving historical buildings throughout the valley, Postino WineCafe expanded to open its second location in 2009, in the Katz’s Deli & Restaurant building in Upper Downtown Phoenix, and its third in 2012, in the Grainbelt Grillhouse building of Old Town Gilbert. All three locations feature delectable food options, a great happy hour menu and a comprehensive menu of exceptional wines curated by Brent Karlicek, the beverage director, operating partner & wetter of whistles for Upward Projects.

postino arcadia

Under Brent’s direction, the Valley’s three Postino Wine Cafe’s have introduced countless Valley residents to the joys of boutique wines through its compact yet globe-straddlingwine list. Furthermore, Brent’s proven he’s no one-trick-pony, thanks to his mastery of craft cocktails and small-batch beer programs at both Windsor and Federal Pizza, as well as more exotic offering such as a selection of house-made wine coolers (Federal Pizza) and fresh fruit and booze-spiked Agua Frescas (Joyride Taco House).

wineStop by to taste the extra-special and extra local selections that Brent has selected for Postino's booth in the Certified Local Fall Festival November 9th! They will be tasting AZ wine from Page Springs Cellars: Barrio Blanca, Mule's Mistake, and Vino del Barrio Rojo. Come down and check them out!

Arizona Distilling Company


Just a few years old, Arizona Distilling Company was born in Tempe, out of a passion for distilling shared by a few old friends. More than that, the guys behind AZDC are in it to put Arizona on the map in the world of small-scale craft distilling. Co-Owner, Rodney Hu has watched the growth of the distilling industry in other states, and he believes Arizona is ripe and ready to see a boom in craft distilleries, much like its recent boom in craft breweries and local vineyards.

AZDC-10Arizona, which began prohibition five years before the rest of the country, still has many policies on the books that make profitable local distilling a challenge. But as an industry leader, AZDC has already begun talks with other businesses to form a Guild of Arizona’s distilleries, and Hu has plans in motion to update some of these outdated policies and get AZ’s beverage industries up to speed!

AZDC-35AZDC named its first market-ready spirit, Copper City Bourbon, after the Copper City Brewing Company, which closed down in 1915 when owners refused to cease sales during prohibition.  There are a few more distillation on the way including their Desert Durum Wheat, which is made from native wheat sourced locally in Casa Grande. Their smoothest distillation yet though, is named Humphreys. It is a collaboration batch made with mash from Four Peaks Brewery. In the near future, Arizona Distilling Company has plans to release a signature Gin and a signature Rye distillation as well.

Make sure to check them out at the Certified Local Fall Festival on November 9th! In the meantime, you can find AZ Distilling Co in stores, bars and restaurants near you!