The Founder of La Bella Terre Spills Her Sweet Story

Article by Natalie Morris, written for Good Food Finder. Photo Courtesy of Bodega at FnB Restaurant

We recently asked Terri Nacke, the founder of the Arizona-based pure botanical sugar company La Bella Terre, to tell us what sugar meant to her. If you've been following her on social media, you'll know this is more than just a sweet tale.

I was recently asked the question, “How did you come up with the idea to make Pure Botanical Sugar?”

I will never forget the exact moment when I was looking out on a breathing garden masterpiece, as a whisper of wind softly caressed the plants. It was in that exact moment, the idea was born. “How can I share this with others, I thought?” It began, with cookies.

I believe there is no accident that I was given a name that means "harvester". As I recall, my first memories were spending time in the garden and kitchen with my grandmother; I simply never left the comfort of that curious place. I am very fortunate, that little did I know, those early days would be the beginning of my life’s work in the culinary arts and plant sciences.

Back to the cookies… As a kid, I always asked to make cookies. I think it was because I got to stick my nose and my finger in the mixing bowl, especially when the butter & sugar were being mixed together, that unforgettable soft caramel smell and taste was my heaven.

I have been on the natural foods path for decades, it seems like yesterday when I was in my tiny neighborhood health food store; it was like a beam of light was leading me to those golden bags of dehydrated cane sugar and whole wheat pastry flour. The rest is history… I have been on a crusade ever since to take care of my sweet tooth in a healthy way. There is something to be said for life in balance: mine of course, a cookie in each hand.


Back to the garden… The Pure Botanical Sugars story simply starts with searching the beautiful earth, foraging for the finest botanicals and plant essences. The sugars are carefully crafted by hand to give you our botanical best. The stars have miraculously lined up and La Bella Terre's Pure Botanical Sugar Collection is ready to be shared. I believe that it’s a new, old way to use sugar. Please be inspired!

La Bella Terre’s Fair-Trade Pure Botanical Sugar is made from Certified Organic sugar cane grown in the Americas. The cane juice is naturally rich in molasses, vitamins and beneficial trace minerals. It starts as fresh sugar cane; it’s then pressed, evaporated and crystallized.

Like our sugar partner, La Bella Terre has a strong commitment to sustainable Non-GMO agriculture. In adherence with strictest organic standards, the sugar cane fields are green cut and are not burned or treated with herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. This is better for the environment, which is ultimately, better for us all. This truly creates the highest quality, most delicious-tasting, unrefined sugar you can find. No chemicals or animal by-products are used to make or decolorize the sugar making it ideal for vegans too.

We have sourced our sugar with a guarantee that the farming cooperatives are paid directly for the cane they grow and mill. This means that the farmers can compete with factory farms, cultivate the quality of their crops, send their kids to school and build thriving communities.

I thank you for choosing La Bella Terre's Pure Botanical Sugar and sharing in my vision to make the world a sweeter place.


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- Company/Product: La Bella Terre, pure botanical sugars - Where to Find Them: Bodega at FnB Restaurant, Urban Table at Old Town Farmers Market, MixUp Bar at T.Cooks, Shine Coffee - Coming Soon: AJs Fine Foods and Whole Foods across Arizona