Kimber Lanning Brings Local First Arizona Message to National Stage

Kimber LanningAs a leader in the local movement, Local First Arizona has been invited to speak about our successes in Arizona to a variety of national audiences. Earlier this year, LFA Founder and Director Kimber Lanning spoke at the Business Alliance of Local Living Economies national conference in Buffalo, New York, covering our policy victories at the city and state level to encourage our local governments to recirculate our tax revenue by supporting local businesses. This month, Kimber also traveled to the Alliance of Independent Media Stores convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Having owned her independent record store Stinkweeds for over 25 years, Kimber spoke authoritatively on how the movement to support local businesses is critical, especially to the independent media industry. 'The issue occurring over and over again across the country is that business owners think the challenges they face are unique to their own industry, which couldn't be further from the truth," says Kimber. "Record stores, pharmacies, office suppliers, hardware stores, book stores, toy stores, Inn keepers, Bike shops and others are finally noticing that what they face independently is the same thing across sectors."

Kimber also spoke at the EPIC 2013 conference for independent office suppliers and dealers in San Antonio, Texas, to give an educational seminar titled ”Leveraging the Power of ‘Buy Local’ for your Dealership.” Kimber will make an appearance at the October Rail-volution conference on transit and sustainable communities in Seattle, Washington. Her presentation is called “Building Sustainable Communities One Local Purchase at a Time,” and will focus on the duality of environmental and economic sustainability and how to make every dollar you spend work towards sustainable communities.

Kimber also has plenty of local speaking engagements throughout the year in Arizona if you are interested in hearing her talk about the foundations of our local economy. We are lucky to have such a great advocate spreading the word about the buy local movement around Arizona and across the nation! If you would like to invite Kimber to speak at your event or to your organization, please email [email protected] with the date, time, location, and expected number of attendees, along with any other important information.

If you simply can't wait to hear from Kimber, check out her presentation at Arizona State University for their Sustainability Series titled "The Upside of a Down Economy" below: