Sampling of Fall Events at the Desert Botanical Garden

Whatever your nature interests may be, the Desert Botanical Garden has a plethora of events planned for this fall that will delight, educate, and inspire you. Fall is a great time to visit the Garden, as temperatures start to drop and desert animals come out of hiding. We picked our favorite events to share with you here, but be sure to check out the complete events calendar at the Desert Botanical Garden website. dbg

Master Your Point and Shoot Camera Saturday / September 7 / 1 - 4 p.m. Members: $45 / General Public: $56 Learn how to obtain the best results from your digital point and shoot camera. This hands-on class focuses on learning how to set up your camera and use its many features. This is an excellent, entry-level class for students new to point and shoot digital cameras. Time is allotted for guided help on the Garden trails. Instructed by Jeff Lowman. Limit 10.

dbg cookingCooking with Local Honey Sunday / September 22 / 1 - 3 p.m. Members: $50 / General Public: $62 Honey has been used as food, medicine and in beauty products for millennia. It is an ancient food and the oldest sweetener known to man. Find out what is in it, why it is healthy, how it is produced, and where to buy the best quality. Join Chef Rachel Albert as she walks you through a half-dozen delicious, honey-infused recipes—from appetizers, main dishes and salad dressings to desserts. You will also learn how to replace sugar with honey and use honey in simple home remedies and facials. Limit 15.

Music in the Garden Fridays / September 27 - November 22 / 7 - 9 p.m. SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER: Members: $16 / General Public: $22 NOVEMBER: Members: $20 / General Public: $25 The Desert Botanical Garden is proud to feature another notable lineup during the Music in the Garden Fall Concert Series. Sing along with Garden favorites and applaud local talents gaining national attention, all while enjoying the stunning atmosphere of the Garden. Click here for the full schedule.

Ask a Gardener Saturdays and Sundays / October – November / 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Want ideas for creating year-round color in your yard and conserving water in the desert? Drop by our Ask a Gardener station where knowledgeable volunteers can help with your gardening questions.

dbg butterflyBrushing Up on Butterflies Saturday / October 26 / 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Members: $16 / General Public: $20  Fly through the skies with our favorite insects in this hands-on class that explores what makes butterflies so special. We will search for these delicate creatures along the trails at the Desert Botanical Garden, construct our own colorful butterfly, and finish with a journey into the Marshall Butterfly Pavilion. Price is per person.

Edible Flower Gardening Sunday / October 27 / 2 - 4 p.m. Members: $30 / General Public: $38 Gardeners adore flowers for their beauty, but few grow them for eating. Edible flowers are both a beautiful and delicious addition to meals, bringing spirited flavors, textures and colors to soups, salads and other dishes. They have been used in various cuisines for centuries and are now experiencing renewed popularity. Learn to add native, herbal, vegetable and other flowers to your cooking, as well as the basics of growing and harvesting these lovely culinary treats. Instructed by Liz Lonetti. Limit 25.

dbg chihulyChihuly in the Garden November – May 11 / $3.50 This illuminating Chihuly in the Garden audio tour introduces a number of installations and artworks throughout the Garden and is available from November 10, 2013 – May 18, 2014.

In addition to these workshops, exhibits, and events, there is so much more going on at the Garden! Click here to view the entire events calendar.