Share Your Story: An Exploration of Small Town America

rural az What's THE ONE THING about your town that made you stay? That made you leave? That made you return? Share your story on the website Cowbird, and your town could be featured on the award-winning NPR program State of the Re:Union in 2014.

Through these personal stories-- told in image, text and sound-- we’ll develop a patchwork portrait of rural America in all its traditions and fluctuations, the tenacity and passion of the people who live there, and the complex feelings of those who’ve left for cities and towns.

There are so many blessings and challenges of where we're from.... Share THE ONE THING that made you decide to stay or go. We would love to see Small Town Arizona represented well in this project!

Here’s how to share your story in 5 easy steps:

1) Join Cowbird (it’s free!) :

2) Sign in and click “Tell a Story” in in the right hand corner and tell a story starting with the line, “The one thing that made me stay...” or “The one thing that made me go...” or “The one thing that made me return...” Keep your story short — 50 to 250 words.

3) Find a photo and/or some sound (in mp3 format) to illustrate your story, and add them to your story by clicking on the photo icon/microphone icon on the right. (Please no copyrighted material: only original photographs and recordings.)

4) Before you hit publish, click on the tag icon on the right and write “The One Thing” (it should pop up as an option, which you can click). That will help us to find your story. HELPFUL HINT: You should also click on the globe icon on the right to tell us “Where” your story took place.

5) Hit publish and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or through Email. Congratulations! You’re done. Thanks for sharing your story!

Questions? Contact Erika: [email protected], or 952-380-7241