Local Tucson Magazine Brings it Home

After years of printing Zocalo Magazine regionally in the Southwest, publisher, David Olsen is pleased to bring the print portion of the operation all the way home. Olsen states, "We couldn't be happier to announce that Zocalo will now be printed in Tucson, at Sundance Press less than a mile from Downtown!"Zocalo cover For magazines like Zocalo, the biggest expense is printing, and printing here in Tucson has been a goal of Olsen's since founding the glossy, monthly magazine four years ago.

This completes the magazines objective of becoming 98% Tucson owned, operated and produced. "We know of no other community-wide glossy magazine in Tucson, at the size and quality of Zocalo, that is printed here. Most Tucson magazines are unable to print even in the Southwest. We are glad to spend our money and our advertiser's money in Tucson, supporting the local economy and truly living up to what it means to be local," says Olsen.

Local First has been encouraging businesses and individuals to make a 10% shift in spending from national to local business over the past 18 months with the Shift Arizona campaign. This is based on a study that showed if everyone in a city roughly the size of Tucson shifted 10% of their current spending to local businesses the result would be 1600 new jobs and over $50M in new wages in one year. Zocalo's shift in spending from outside to within Arizona represents around a 30% shift, says Olsen.

Zocalo Magazine publishes 11 issues a year monthly with a July-August combined issue and focuses on urban arts, culture, entertainment, living, food and events. It is free and available at 350 locations across the city such as local coffee shops, bookstores, libraries and businesses and digitally at www.zocalomagazine.com.