Two Arizona Wines Earn High Praise from Wine Spectator

burning tree Did you know that wine is produced in all 50 states? Yes that does include Alaska, and Arizona. Many may not think that Arizona has the climate to grow the grapes needed to produce wine, but Southeastern and North-central Arizona are home to some high dessert terrain and climate that some have said resembles the wine-producing regions of Spain.

For those questioning whether Arizona can actually produce great tasting wine, Page Springs Cellars and Burning Tree Cellars are proving the nay-sayers wrong. These two wineries were recently each slapped with a 90-point rating, the firsts ever for Arizona, for their 2010 Syrahs. As Mouth by Southwest reports:

"For the first time ever, an Arizona wine has received a 90-point score from Wine Spectator magazine. Two wines, in fact: the 2010 Colibri Syrah Clone 174 from Page Springs Cellars near Cornville and the 2010 Colibri Vineyard Syrah from Burning Tree Cellars near Cottonwood. While the wineries are located in the Verde Valley about 90 miles north of Phoenix, both syrahs were made from grapes grown on the Colibri Vineyard near Portal on the east side of the Chiricahua Mountains in southeast Arizona."

News has it that these two great wines are almost sold out, so act quickly if you want to get your hands on a bottle. Congrats to these two wineries for this great achievement, and for helping to put Arizona wine on the map!