Zookz Goes Local with Wildflower Bread for their Sandwiches

226600_546007078797395_496899312_nIf you have ever eaten at Zookz - Sandwiches with an Edge, you've probably noticed something a little different about their sandwiches. Rather than the usual square shape, you get a circular sandwich. So how does one go about creating a circular bread? When Carole Meyer was first creating Zookz, her first thought was to go local with Wildflower Bread Company. "When we were putting Zookz together we were looking for a certain texture and type of bread, and Wildflower Bread Company was very accommodating," explains Carole. "They dropped off a number of samples on a number of occasions until we finally decided on one. Once that was figured out we needed to solve another problem -- because Zookz uses custom made sandwich presses we also needed custom size bread. Again, Wildflower Bread Company worked with us to make that happen. We had 2 prototype bread pans made and asked Wildflower to bake in them to see which one would get us the best results. Once we determined which pan would work best, we ordered a number of them and had them shipped to Wildflower Bakery, and they have been making our bread since we opened in Oct of 2012. They deliver to us every morning. We really appreciate that Wildflower was willing to work with us when we were probably a bit more of a hassle due to our custom needs."

This great local partnership allowed Zookz to bring a custom product and unique dish to Arizonans. At Local First Arizona, we love celebrating local collaborations like this! Because Zookz chose to go with a local bread maker, they are working to keep more dollars circulating in the local economy and are supporting many local Arizona jobs. We hope this collaboration continues to bring good business to both companies.