Episode 5: Will Work for Good Food Podcast / Casey Stechnij of Superstition Farm

Article by Jennifer Woods, written for Good Food Finder. IMG_1595

Hold on to your seats 'cause this story is a wild ride.

This is about the little farm that could.  We have the intimate story of Superstition Farm straight from Casey Stechnij himself.  He shared with us his family farm history recently and we thought that it was an important one for you to know about the business of being a dairyman.

We asked that he would record his story for our podcast.  And he did.  Lucky you.

Click to listen: Episode 5: Will Work for Good Food Podcast with Casey Stechnij / Superstition Farm

They are running a fundraising campaign this month to help jump start funding on their latest project: a micro-creamery.  In fact, there are many fundraising campaigns going on right now in the Valley who need your help, like the lovely ladies of Rainbow Valley Heritage Foods in Maricopa and Foote's Hold Dairy in Dudleyville who are in need of equipment due to their unexpected move to a new space. Please consider joining their campaigns or sharing their stories.




Editors' Note: Superstition Farm is a current client under our former services-based business model. The story shared in this blog is their own. 

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