Go Local With Your Summer Reading

As the temperatures creep up and we're spending more time inside, curling up with a good book with the air conditioning on full blast sounds like a great way to spend a hot afternoon. When you're putting together your summer reading list, make sure to visit your local independent bookstore to collect your reading materials! When we support our local bookstores instead of big national chains, up to four times more dollars stay and circulate in the local economy. So you can help strengthen the local economy through your purchasing power when selecting your summer reading!

We're happy to hear that consumers are already acting on this premise, as sales at independent bookstores are up 8% and 249 new bookstores have opened since 2009. Let's continue this trend as we check off our summer reading list this year and support or local economy and local bookstores. There are many independent bookstores around the state, so there should be one near you! Many will also take orders and ship books right to your doorstep. And don't forget -- some also sell e-books, so you can even go local with your e-reading! Click here for a list of independent bookstores around Arizona. 

To facilitate putting together your summer reading list, we've asked some of our members for some local recommendations!

The Wrong Hill to Die On by Donis Casey  Recommended by The Poisoned Pen Mystery Bookstore in Scottsdale, published locally by the Poisoned Pen Press Young Adult and Up Set in 1916 Tempe Arizona this mystery walks the reader into an Arizona just settling into being a state. Visit landmarks like what is today ASU, witness an old schoolhouse blow up for a movie company filming in Tempe and using locals in the cast, see how the cultural mix including Hispanics and Yaquis had the same tensions as today. A winner as a mystery novel and a walk into our past.

Running The Rift by Naomi Benaron Recommended by Antigone Books in Tucson Adult Fiction Benaron's highly acclaimed novel focuses on Jean Patrick Nkuba,  a Tutsi boy coming of age during the Rwandan genocide.  A very likeable hero, Jean Patrick dreams of becoming Rwanda's first Olympic track medalist but instead must grapple with the unraveling of his country. I realize this may not fit the typical "summer read" category in that it is not a light read. But, it is not totally grim either.  To quote Publisher's Weekly: "Naomi Benaron accomplishes the improbable feat of wringing genuine loveliness from unspeakable horrors." Or, O Magazine: "A novel full of unspeakable strife but also joy, humor, and love." Summer reading at its best!

Did My Owl Just Growl? by Leslie & Brian Miller Recommended by Kidstop Specialty Toys and Books in Scottsdale Children's Literature "Did My Owl Just Growl?" is a story of friendship and overcoming fears. The turmoil begins the moment the lights go out. Our frightened young boy is in his bedroom tucked in for the night, but he is confronted with eerie sounds and creepy shadows that send his imagination soaring into the spooky, dark woods! Fortunately, an unexpected friend guides him through his adventure. With beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story, you and your little one won't want to miss out on this one!

Click here to find a great local bookstore in your area!