Will Work for Good Food Podcast with Emma Zimmerman of Hayden Flour Mills

Article by Jennifer Woods, written for Good Food Finder.

IMG_9568IMG_9578Good Food Ally Natalie had just spent a weekend with the Zimmermans (Jeff and daughter Emma) of Hayden Flour Mills at the national gathering of Slow Money when she called me and said "we have to interview Emma for our next podcast." Natalie explained how their family history is steeped in good food and I needed to help tell everyone all about it.  Well, I do aim to please.

I met Emma in the back of the Pane Bianco restaurant where the Zimmerman's mill is currently located to talk shop and all about ancient grains, her mom's involvement in food and how they got started with becoming champions of ancient grains and connecting the people within the community to create a sustainable food movement to make something very old, new and cool again.  Enjoy the podcast:

Will Work for Good Food Podcast / Episode 4 - Emma Zimmerman




(Photo credit: Jennifer Woods)