Clean Air Cab Makes the Local Switch Again

clean air lovittLast month, we announced a new partnership between Clean Air Cab and Community Tire Pros. This local switch means that thousands of dollars will stay and circulate in the local economy since Clean Air Cab chose a local company to maintain it's fleet of vehicles. Now they've made another huge step in their quest for local sourcing: Clean Air Cab is now doing business with Phoenix-based Lovitt & Touche for all of their insurance needs. This is a huge move and only proves that you can find a local option for all of your business needs!

We want to thank and recognize Clean Air Cab for embarking on this quest to localize every aspect of their business. By doing so, they are making a huge investment in the community by supporting and creating demand for local jobs for their neighbors. Plus, you can feel even better about choosing Clean Air Cab as your local cab driver because your cab fares will directly support local jobs, such as the employees at Community Tire Pros and Lovitt & Touche. 

Are you interested in going local at your workplace? Check out our interactive guide for going local at work, or email [email protected] to get tips and suggestions for making the right connections to go local!