San Francisco Chronicle Recognizes Tucson as "Hip" City

Earlier this month, Arizona's second largest city got written up by one of the hippest publications hailing from one of the hippest cities: The San Francisco Chronicle. And if they're calling Tucson a hip place to be, the rest of the country better listen up! Tucson has transformed itself into an oasis of art, music, and culture, and serves as a great weekend or extended stay. Looking closely at the article, you'll notice a theme that the San Francisco cites as the reason for Tucson being so cool: the local businesses. From where to stay to where to eat to where to visit, it's the local businesses that have brought Tucson into its renaissance. We're proud to say a few Local First Arizona members got a shout out, including Hotel Congress, The Food Conspiracy Co-op, Fourth Avenue Shops, Antigone Books, Tucson Thrift Shop, Maynard's Market and Kitchen, and Cafe Poca Cosa.

Check out what the San Francisco Chronicle had to say:

Hip little Tucson heats up Janis Cooke Newman

The local bookstore (an independent) hosts both a Steampunk book group and a Democracy and Dissent book group. The Food Conspiracy Co-op, way more crunchy than any Whole Foods could ever hope to be, carries gray toothpaste in little jars and shampoo that's formulated for dreadlocks. There's a guy at the Saturday Farmers' Market who roasts his own coffee - he learned from the founder of Peet's. And the local bike shop, Bicycle Inter-community Art & Salvage, shuts down every Monday for Women, Transgender and Femme workshop day.

Portland? Or perhaps, "Portlandia"?

Nope, Tucson. Yes, that Tucson.

This smallish southwestern town, better known as a jumping-off point for the Saguaro National Park, has turned into a surprisingly hip little burg. A kind of Portland without the rain. A Mission District without the attitude (and without the long lines for restaurants).

Partly it's the influence of the University of Arizona campus, which hovers on the edge of downtown. Partly, it's Tucson's low cost of living, which has tempted more than a few artist types into moving into its colorful adobe neighborhoods. Whatever the reason, Tucson as a destination gives you all of the cool for less of the cash...

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