Eight, Arizona PBS, and ON Media Publications partner for economic, environmental sustainability

We are proud to report more collaboration between Local First Arizona members! Eight, Arizona PBS, chose to go with local arts publishing company ON Media to publish Eight's monthly Eight Magazine. The agreement between Eight and ON Media ensures uninterrupted production and delivery of the highly valued member publication, and a significant cost savings for Eight. As print publishing costs increased, the station faced the possibility of providing the magazine in electronic format only, but this new partnership will ensure that the magazine will continue on in it's print form. ON Media will also build upon Eight’s adherence to the highest environmental sustainability standards and incorporate the latest industry advances. Readers may notice a difference in the weight and quality of the paper in the new issue, printed on a slightly heavier Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. FSC was founded in 1993 to address and seek solutions to the issue of global deforestation.

ON Media’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its printing practices to its business practices. Recent long-term studies identify the non-profit arts sector as a key contributor to Arizona’s economy, and by providing the publications free of charge to its arts and cultural partners, including Eight, the company allows each organization to direct more of their resources to their basic mission and to outreach programs, creating a more robust cultural climate for Arizona.

Congratulations to ON Media and Eight, we wish you the best in your new local partnership!

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