Members Educational Seminar Recap: SEO

For our April Seminar, we were joined by Art Enke of Vertical Measures to discuss the importance of effective Search Engine Optimization. Attendees learned more on the topic of off-page SEO vs. on-page SEO, the most important on-page factors and how they can implement effective off-page strategies. Of all the factors that played into getting found online, one of the major standouts was that creating content on a business's website was key; more content = more traffic.

Art shared several tools on how to analyze your own SEO as well as  your competitor's (like SEMRush), and emphasized that learning the ins and outs of SEO is attainable for all. With the combination of on-page factors like site edits or blog posts and off-page helpers like links and brand mentions, our instructor defined SEO as "the art of making your website visible and credible to both search engines and people." Whether appealing to Google's search algorithm or customers' web-browsing habits, Search Engine Optimization is a highly critical and evolving subject for local businesses to pay much attention to when evaluating their online presence.

To find out more about SEO check out the Vertical Measures blog. To find out more about their services visit their website here:

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