Have a Stellar Weekend

Article by Jennifer Woods, written for Good Food Finder. photo (57)

Are you one of those people who does some marathon cooking sessions during the weekend so that you have good food all week long?

You know, something like what author Tamar Adler does when she stride's ahead.  We love to turn up the music a little too loud when we cook. Here's what we listen to during our kitchen sessions.

During the week we also love cooking from our freezer, this post from Tea and Cookies tells you all about their secret weapon.

A graphic novel for foodies: Relish. Nice.

Grassfed Beef Crisps (Double Check Ranch's jerky) has a new website.  Very pretty.

Did you catch our podcast with Pavle Milic from FnB? We had so much fun in the new studio (tho' we recorded on Jen's iPhone).

Do you use Nora Ephron's rule of four for dinner parties?

The Arizona Farmer+Chef Connection tickets are now available for all your chefs and farmers.

Oh, and if you want to be a farmer, the Maripoca County Extension office has a 2-day workshop to turn your dreams into reality.

Have you seen Scottsdale's A Simple Farm's last kidding of the season? It's a bunch of adorable goats playing. This is our version of Sunday Morning's moment of nature. Video:

See you at the markets this weekend!


{Photo above: Jen's top shelf, taken last weekend.}