6 Ways To Go Local for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and we already know that supporting local businesses is the sustainable choice for our economy and our environment. When your plotting your Earth Day celebrations, don't forget to include local businesses in your plans! Here are some ways to go local for Earth Day: 1. Attend an event hosted by a local business

Many Local First Arizona members are planning their own Earth Day celebrations, so celebrate with them! You can check out a full list of local events by clicking here.

2. Buy locally-made eco-friendly products

Quite a few of our members work to bring eco-friendly products to you, such as household cleaners, skin care items, art, and more. Click here to check out our green Local First Arizona member businesses!

3. Plant a tree from a local nursery

Let those carbon hogging trees do their trick! Check out our listings for Plant Nurseries, Tree Service, and Gardening Supplies and Consultants. Tip: plant shade trees close to your house to reduce your energy use!

4. Take public transportation

Ditch the car and hop on public transportation to get to your next destination. Or pledge to use public transit to get to work for a week, a month, or a year!

5. Install local solar panels on your home or business

Support renewable energy and local businesses - install solar panels! They are also a great option for providing shade in your parking lot! Check out your solar power options here.

6. Purchase your outfit from a resale or vintage clothing store

New clothing requires natural resources to produce, and can travel thousands of miles from production point to register. Next time, visit a local vintage or resale store to buy an eco-friendly outfit!