Will Work for Good Food Podcast with Pavle Milic in the My AZ Now Radio Studio

Article by Jennifer Woods, written for Good Food Finder. IMG_9413IMG_9426

Pavle Milic is known for his smooth Colombian accent and sweet salutations while tending to guests at his restaurant FnB co-owned by bad-ass chef and vegetable whisperer Charleen Badman.  We definitely don't wan't to play favorites with these two as we are enamored with them both.  However, today we wanted to sneak upstairs at FnB into the little sound booth that could where the latest community "radio" station will be housed.  It's called My AZ Now Radio and it's their latest creation to bring the community together through food.

Please enjoy the show (and a note to those with kids, you might want to cover their ears during a few parts):

Will Work for Good Food Podcast / Episode 3 - Pavle Milic

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{Photos by Jennifer Woods.  Top image: JD McLelland (who was there filming for a project) and Pavle Milic.}