Cabin at Double Check Ranch

Article by Jennifer Woods, written for Good Food Finder. IMG_9379On Double Check Ranch in Winkelman, is an intimate cabin (named the Thoreauvian Cabin) built right next to the cattle and horse pastures. Paul, the rancher, offered the cabin to Good Food Allies to stay in during the March 2013 pasture dinner weekend.  Of course, we said yes.

Good Food Allies helped Paul put on the event for Double Check Ranch this last weekend and it was rather convenient to have had the cabin since Winkelman is about an hour and a half drive from Phoenix.

IMG_9378We fell asleep to the sounds of cattle calling each other -- certainly different from what we're used to and a great memory to bring back home.  The cabin has a small sink and microwave, a loft and double size futon.  Thankfully, we're in the mild weather season so we weren't too hot or too cold.  If you do happen to come during the colder part of winter, perhaps you might want to bring your sleeping bags.

IMG_9376 IMG_9375Jen loved having an actual outhouse to use -- a first for her.  It reminded her of a painting her grandmother had made, a picture of a red outhouse of the same exact style with the words: "gone to pot."  That "gone to pot" painting still hangs above her grandmother's toilet.  Perhaps we'll take a cue and make this photograph below our own bathroom art.


2013-03-16With a few added comforts of home and practically camping under the stars (with no need to pitch a tent), we loved it.

If you do have a telescope, bring it.  This is prime star-gazing territory.  Bird lovers should note that this is an Audubon-designated Important Birding Area and it's right next to the San Pedro River.

We wanted to be sure tell you all that Paul has opened it up for rent.  We think it'd be a fantastic place to run away from Phoenix for a weekend.  Just be sure to bring food, there's not much in Winkelman beyond the general store that's down the street from the post office back in town.

Here are more details about the cabin. Channel Thoreau himself when you go, and get inspired with big thoughts and simple living.