Good Food Finder Podcast with LFA Local Foods Specialist Margaree Bigler

Good Food Allies Co-Founder Jennifer Woods sat down with Local First Arizona Local Foods Specialist Margaree Bigler for a podcast chat on all things food, fashion, and Phoenix. Margaree is the person behind the Devoured Culinary Classic, Devour Phoenix, and other great initiatives that work to bring local food and produce to Arizonans' tables.

Good Food Allies was founded in 2012 by Natalie Morris and Jennifer Woods. Long-time friends and local food advocates, both had been doing this type of work individually since 2006 but decided to pool resources to increase their impact on the farmers and artisan food producers in Arizona’s community. They are also the creators of the Good Food Finder, Arizona’s trusted online directory that helps good food seekers identify and learn about the farmers and food producers that are closest to home.

"Margaree is one of our favorite people," says Jennifer, and we have to agree! Check out the podcast by clicking here

If you see Margaree at Devoured this weekend, be sure to tell her a quick "thank you!" Because she's pretty much the reason you're enjoying all that fabulous food and drink!

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