Looking for Betty Clarke

Article by Jennifer Woods, written for Good Food Finder. You have to be from Flint Michigan and maybe a little up there in years to know “The Betty Clarke Show” which aired on WFDF-AM.

We hadn't heard of her but we did tonight via author Kathleen Flinn's blog post Recipes by Radio.  The title alone made us immediately want to know more -- especially since we're podcast fans.

Kathleen mentions that she last heard that Betty Clarke was retired and in Arizona.

Here's a link to her last broadcast from June 10th, 1983.  This story explains she has a maiden or off-stage name of Betty Monas.

We want to meet her if she's here in Arizona.  Anyone know her?

P.S.: We're fans of Kathleen Flinn, too.  Jen got to interview and meet her last year during Kathleen's book tour for Kitchen Counter Cooking School for the Chow Bella Book Club.  Kathleen wants to help people not be afraid in the kitchen.  We love that!