Will Work for Good Food Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Jake Lau from the Chinese Soul Food Truck Hao Bao

Article by Jennifer Woods, written for Good Food Finder.

We're so excited to tell you about our new podcast project. It's called Will Work for Good Food.

We are sitting down with the people behind the food. These are the hard-working folks at the farmers markets and food festivals: the farmers, growers, ranchers and artisan food producers. Our first episode features an artisan dumpling maker.  He's also an an expert dumpling eater.  It's Jake Lau from Hao Bao and his story is a good one.

I was fascinated with this former CPA's calculated journey to Phoenix to open a food truck (not quite 2 months ago) from Washington DC. Out of all the cities in the country, Jake decided to come to Phoenix. And as you'll hear, hungry Phoenicians are positively infected with love for his authentic crispy Chinese dumplings and takes-three-days-to-make beef noodle soup.

Jake let me come visit while he and right-hand man, Tim, cleaned up the bright-red truck first thing Monday morning after a long weekend of festivals and food trucking around the Valley.

Please enjoy our first podcast. Click the link below to listen.

Episode 1: Will Work for Good Food Podcast - Jake from Hao Bao Food Truck

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