A Ghoulish Good Time in Jerome

Today’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on the Haunted Hamburger:

Take a tour of the state's old mining towns and you're sure to find tales that will pique the interest of any paranormal enthusiast. One of our favorites is the Haunted Hamburger Bar and Bakery in Jerome. According to owners, Michelle and Eric Jurisin, odd things started to occur as they began fixing the building, like disappearing hammers. Shortly after the prior owners confirmed that the ghosts in the building liked hammers, their hammers began to reappear, showing up in the most conspicious places. Haunted Hamburger is one of those great locations to take in the breathtaking view of Jerome, enjoy one of the best burgers the state has to offer, and possibly experience a ghoulish good time. Employees report having seen cans flying off shelves, the hot water being turned on in the middle of the night and photographs guests have taken captured the vague image of a woman. Is the Haunted Hamburger truly haunted? Hang out for lunch, enjoy a drink or two outside on the patio, and see for yourself.

Haunted Hamburger Bar and Bakery 410 Clark St. Jerome, AZ 86331

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