An Arizona Wine Flourishes in the Desert

Today’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Arizona Stronghold: The thought of a vineyard in Arizona seems a bit out of place. But to us natives who recall the Japanese Gardens in south Phoenix, the acres upon acres of orange orchards in Mesa, and the old farm land and pastures in West Phoenix, Arizona is quite the agricultural wonderland. The sprawling acres have since evolved into apartment complexes and shopping centers, but the spirit still lurks in areas most unexpected. The youth and many urban dwellers are taking interest in permaculture, and things such as vineyards in Tucson are reminding us that the desert isn't just a lifeless mass with haboobs and rolling tumbleweed.

Arizona Stronghold is "redefining the desert with high elevation wine" and creating wine right here in the desert. Their wines are winning awards and even the finickiest of wine drinkers are finding Arizona Stronghold's offerings a touch above the rest. It doesn't hurt that the players behind the scene include a vegetation and landscape ecologist, a rock star, and a winemaker. The result is a labor of love and conviction. The wines reflect an appreciation for the uniqueness of the Arizona earth and the characters that these locations lend to the finished product. According to the makers themselves: We believe that the soils and climate at the vineyard stand up to the finest in the world, feeling strongly that the wines express, first and foremost, Arizona, and secondarily the grapes and hands of the vignerons involved. Arizona Stronghold offers a rare and promising opportunity for all of us to support our local community and to appreciate the place where we live and the fruits that it gives.

Arizona Stronghold Tasting Room 1019 N. Main St. Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928.639.2789