In Arizona, You Really Have to Think About These Things

Today’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Solise: 

Having spent almost a lifetime in Arizona, we know a few things about sunburn in the dead of winter. Those overcast days are tricky and, if you dare go without sunscreen, you may find yourself with a cold, runny, and sunburnt nose. Solise, a Local First Arizona business, has created an innovative hand and body wash that includes sunscreen. The idea was born out of founder Dale Lillard's desire to protect his four children from the harmful effects of the Arizona sun. He was frustrated by the limited sunscreen products available and dreaded the daily struggle to apply sunscreen to his children. Solise is the first line of hand and body washes with SPF 15 built-in, and has received The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation. We confess we often forget putting on sunscreen in the morning as we rush to make it into the office on time. Solise makes it easy for us to not have to remember these extra steps, plus getting SPF protection on kids without having to deal with a tantrum? We are totally sold.

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