Twelve Days of Good Food Gifting- Truce Clean

Article by Natalie Morris, written for Good Food Finder.

Day 3: Truce Clean Cleaning Products, Lifestyle and Pet Products

Let's call a truce here. Truce Clean isn't exactly a food product, per se, but when we forced to define "good food" we had to really evaluate what all that could mean. To us, it means food that has been carefully grown, raised or produced, following its lineage from beginning to end and back again.

When we met Diann from Truce Clean (formerly Herb 'N Organics), we saw a connection between her values, her products and our philosophies. Their natural, commonplace (food-safe!) ingredients in everything they produce is matched by a 100% commitment to no waste which directly translates to ease in transportation and fuel costs. This means that, when you buy their refillable concentrates, you're buying into a program that you can not only believe in, but support over and over as well.

Because they have a passion for "clean" as well as clean dogs!, this is the perfect gift for a variety of people.

The Good Gift

Provides: Cleaning, Lifestyle and Pet Products

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