Twelve Days of Good Food Gifting- Mistobox

Article by Natalie Morris, written for Good Food Finder.

Day 4: Mistobox- Good Coffee That Comes to You

We're BIG fans of coffee and we assume everyone else is too. So when we found out our office-mates were coffee entrepreneurs, the fiend in us perked and it seemed only natural to include them in our 12 Days of Good Food Gifting.

Meet Mistobox. Samantha and Connor, both U of A grads, recently launched Mistobox as a way to combine passion (coffee, anyone?) and love for what they do on a daily basis. They wanted to share the love, and believed everyone had the right to drink exceptional coffee- the kind that is sourced, evaluated with care and tastes great too. After a successful Kickstarter, they launched this year and now are shipping coffee-lovers of all status' a custom box of coffee in an effort to help them explore all kinds and find the exact one they love.

We're thinking a gift like this would make A LOT of people happy (sending some hints here) and even has the potential to make the world just an all-round better place.

The Good Gift

Provides: Door to Door Coffee

Gift Ordering Method: Online

Discounts Offered: First MistoBox $5

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