Twelve Days of Good Food Gifting- AZ Bitters Lab

Article by Natalie Morris, written for Good Food Finder.

Day 7- AZ Bitters Lab Figgy Pudding and Más Mole Bitters

Finally we will have Figgy Pudding for the holidays again. Better yet, it will be all grown up and sitting next to a complex and tasty rendition of another age-old and much-adored recipe, Mole.

How is this pairing possible, you ask? The good folks over at AZ Bitters Lab. As of today, we all will have access to their lab-tested, community-approved homemade bitters. Courtesy of their curiosities and willingness to dream, we now can have some seriously tasty cocktails as suggested through recipes on their just-launched webpage.

Also available on their webpage are their first two bitters- the Figgy Pudding and Más Mole- which should make the cocktail lover in your home bitterly happy. Look for more in the coming months!

The Good Gift

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