Twelve Days of Good Food Gifting- Native Seeds SEARCH

Article by Natalie Morris, written for Good Food Finder.

Day 8- Native Seeds/SEARCH Bucket of Seed

Make the backyard gardener in your life happy; give them seed.

No, not just any seed and not just any small packet of seeds either. Native Seeds/SEARCH, based in southern Arizona, offers on its list of conserved and documented "adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds", a bucket of seeds for the green thumb in your life.

They've hit it spot on too- those interested can choose from two buckets depending on whether they live in High or Low Desert (the climate-appropriate, pre-determined lot is much appreciated for the not-so-green-thumbs, let us tell you!). Either way, the upcycled plastic container will arrive waterproof, sealed and containing 27 individual packages of open-pollinated vegetable and herb seeds custom-packed for that climate. What's more, the recipient receives a complimentary copy of Basic Seed Saving- a practice that Native Seeds/SEARCH actively promotes and asks their customers to continue to do the same.

Native and climate-appropriate seeds were the secret to making our garden grow and we enjoyed seeing the colorful varieties that it provided. Check out Native Seeds/SEARCH and give a gift that gives back in multiple ways.

The Good Gift

Provides: Native and Heirloom Seed and Products

Gift Ordering Method: Online or at Tucson Store

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