Twelve Days of Good Food Gifting- Bianco Family

Day 9- Bianco Family Gift Baskets

Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes, Hayden Flour Mills flour, housemade biscotti, Super Chunk Sweets and Treats caramel corn, and a handcrafted mesquite cutting board are just a few of the things you'll find wrapped up in this good food gift.

The family that we have long recognized for their authentic and lovingly crafted pizzas and country breads has put a gift basket of goods together for us this season, selecting from their favorite artisans featured both on-menu and in retail store found at Pane Bianco.

The gift baskets can be found at all Bianco locations - Pizzeria and Bar Bianco, Pané Bianco and Italian Restaurant.

The Good Gift

Provides: Italian Style Cuisine, In-House Dough and Artisan Bread Preparation

Gift Ordering Method: In-Store, all locations