Twelve Days of Good Food Gifting- Sweet Republic

Article by Natalie Morris, written for Good Food Finder.

Day 10- Sweet Republic Ice Cream Gift Cards

Over Thanksgiving we demolished a crazy-good Huckleberry Pie from Sweet Republic. It wasn't just any Huckleberry Pie; it was an ice cream pie with a perfectly buttery and even somewhat savory cookie crust swirled with a reduction of huckleberries procured by local farmer Bob McClendon. Oh and whipped cream of course.

We got word of the pies because we follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but, even better, got a coupon for 20% off because we receive their much-welcomed and very alluring e-newsletter.

The pies were a special for the holiday, but we're thinking that giving a gift card would allow someone the satisfaction we had. If you've had Sweet Republic, you know what we mean. If you haven't, get a gift card. And a Campfire S'more Sundae (with homemade marshmallows!) for yourself while you're there.

The Good Gift

Provides: Homemade Ice Creams, Cookies, Brittles

Ordering Method (for Gift Cards): Online or In-Store

Offer: $10 per $50 in Gift Cards until 12/24

Find More: 9160 E Shea Blvd, #105, Scottsdale, AZ 85260