Revera Beauty Expands Shop Hours for Holiday Season and Encourages Supporting Local Businesses for Gifts

Revera Beauty owners Susan Kerr and Violet Brand have extended their store hours to help accommodate holiday shoppers and have been speaking to the public about the importance of shopping locally for holiday gifts to everyone they encounter.  Proud members of Local First Arizona, the duo set up shop in the burgeoning Roosevelt Row district nearly a year ago.  Being two of the only perfumers in Arizona, the pair have created a niche market with their beautiful shop, an online store and heavily attended custom essential oil perfume workshops.

“We could have opened our store in Scottsdale or Tempe, but we really believe Roosevelt Row is thriving and we love being able to take part in First and Third Fridays.  Our work is very creative, so we wanted to be part of the creative community.” Said Revera co-owner Violet Brand.  Partner Susan Kerr adds: “People who shop locally are really helping our economy prosper.  We’re not a nameless, faceless company.  We value our customers and everything we do reflects that value – from the glass bottles we etch to the scents we create.  We’re interested in knowing our customer’s names and stories.”

Adds Violet, “Everyone likes to smell nice.  We can help you with that!  Our products and custom perfume workshops make perfect gifts for that special person in your life.”

Revera Beauty specializes in custom perfumes, bath, and body products. They only use the highest quality ingredients in their blends, to make sure you receive the best.  Their bottles are created to energize their products and not deplete them of their amazing ability to heal and help our skin. The deep purple glass only allows the UV and ultra violet light in so the life of your products will be extended tenfold. They also have a recycling program that allows you to send back your bottles for refills. This is a great way to help reduce waste in our landfills and reuse a beautiful glass bottle.  Holiday store hours will be expanded to Wednesday – Saturday from 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

If you really want to show your friends and family a unique gift, give them the gift of a custom-made fragrance! You can find out more about Revera Beauty at their website or on their Facebook page.