Members Educational Seminar Recap: Panel Discussion on Advertising

For our last seminar of 2012, members gathered with several different media representatives to discuss the topic of advertising and how local businesses can leverage most effectively. These representatives included Andrew Meister of Phoenix New Times, Laura Holka of AZ-TV7/Cable13 (The Morning Scramble), Dorie Morales of Green Living AZ Magazine, Cliff Fontaine of KJZZ/KBAQ and our very own Kimber Lanning as moderator. Each helped give attendees an overview of what audience their respective mediums reach and the variety of services available to assist them. While the task of advertising is often associated with a large spending budget, the panelists touched on some simple tips to consider: Demographics: Do you know who your target market is? What is the best way to connect with them? What form of communications or media do they use the most? All of our panelists agreed that having a firm understanding of who your customers are and who your advertising audience is reaching is a key starting point.

Options & Services: Is advertising not your strong point? Several of these outlets, whether they be print, audio or other visuals will often have several resources to help you create a professional & unique final product.

Patience & Persistence: Our panelists pointed out that it may take some time to see a return from your investment in advertising. It's important to set goals for your advertising plans, see them through and make adjustments if needed. They also noted that when trying to share or gain press for your events to be persistent but maintain etiquette in your communications to media contacts. They receive hundreds of requests so its important to be clear, to-the-point and to give great reasons on why they should cover your event.

Timeliness: Timeliness is also something to take advantage of. Keep an eye on what's going on in the news or popular culture and identify opportunities on how your business relates. Some of these example pairings could be a local English Pub & the Olympics, a local costume shop during Halloween, or even a Pediatrician serving as an 'expert' on how to prepare children for the flu season.

Overall there was a great exchange of information and ideas during our discussion. A huge thank you to all of our panelists and members who participated. Thank you to the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center for hosting us! Please stay tuned for our seminars coming up in 2013!

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