A Scent All Your Own: Create Your Custom Fragrance on Roosevelt Row

Today’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Revera Beauty:

An all-time favorite read is "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind - a dark tale about a man obsessed with creating the perfect scent. Like the protagonist, we possess a similar obsession with finding a perfume that fits our personality. We've tried all kinds of perfumes, oils, and scent concoctions but have yet to find what we think would be the perfect scent - a hint of patchouli, a tinge of juniper, a whiff of vanilla, and a bath of roses. We recently learned of Revera Beautya fairly new addition to the Roosevelt Row family. At their DIY beauty boutique, owners Violet Brand and Susan Kerr offer a beauty line, which includes perfumes, bath, and body products that are individually customized. Their goal: to allow people to identify differently with their perfumes and body products and to create something that is one of a kind, and made to enhance the beauty and individuality that already radiates within each person. We are so excited to swing by this amazing boutique to finally concoct and own the perfume of our dreams, a scent that has been created just for us.

Revera Beauty
610 E Roosevelt Ave., Unit 149
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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