Celebrate Halloween with Arizona-Grown Pumpkins at Bashas'

You've picked out the perfect Jack-O-Lantern design, scoured the Internet for the most delicious pumpkin recipes, and you're ready for the festivities of Fall to begin. Now all you need are the pumpkins. Well you're in luck because Bashas', Arizona's hometown grocer, is bringing the best locally-grown pumpkins right to your neighborhood.

All of the pumpkins sold at Bashas' stores will come from Brian and Penny Driscoll's Coyote Canyon Farms in San Simon, Arizona. So if you grab your pumpkins this season from Bashas', you'll have what we like to call a "double-local impact." You'll be supporting your local grocery store and you'll be supporting a local farmer. It's a double whammy, and you're dollars will continue to circulate throughout our local economy!

Can you see the resemblance to Cinderella's carriage?

Speaking of dollars, these great pumpkins come at a bargain. Large pumpkins are only $5.99 each. The enchanting Cinderella pumpkins (named for their characteristic shape similar to Cinderella's carriage) will also cost $5.99 each. Small pumpkins and baking pumpkins are just $2.99 each. So head to your nearest Bashas' store to meet all of your pumpkin needs this fall. Your community and local economy will appreciate your support.