Search the corners of Payson's thrift stores for buried treasures

Have you been seeking a little adventure in your life?  Maybe it's still to hot in the Valley for you?  Then take one of these weekends to head up north to Payson to do a little treasure hunting!

Many of Payson's non-profit thrift stores have banded together to bring you this unique map to guide you to unfound treasures lurking in the corners of the city's shops.

The best part of this whole arrangement?  You'll make out with some fantastic, unique items (at great prices!), all while supporting some great nonprofits in the Payson area, including the Mogollon Health Alliance, animal welfare groups, The American Legion, and many others!

So block out a weekend this fall, and head up north for some nice weather, some discount shopping, and some good feelings for helping some great causes!  And don't forget your map!