Members: Is your directory listing working for you? [Revised]

Last week Local First Arizona held a member orientation in Tucson. This orientation was focused on making your directory page work for you to increase your SEO. Attendees also learned about the many benefits of membership.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a complex thing and we only scratched the surface. But, there are free and simple ways your membership will help increase your ranking on internet searches.

When a consumer goes onto a search engine to find a product or service they type in a word or phrase to describe what they are looking for. That word or phrase is a keyword or a key phrase. The use of keywords in your listing has a big impact on search results. Local First recently analyzed a category in the directory and found that those businesses that had keywords in their directory listing received more than twice as many unique page views as those who did not use keywords.

Be sure to link your business's webpage to to give your SEO another boost. How does your listing on do that? The Local First Arizona website has a very high search SEO ranking for all things local. When you connect your business's webpage to you may increase your business's SEO.

So, to make your directory listing work for you, be sure to log into your page and add as many key words and phrases related to your business as you can come up with. Don't forget plurals and use synonyms. Be sure to add a location in some phrases as relevant such as "4th Avenue dining" or "Tucson women's clothes."

You also have the opportunity to post a deal on your directory page. This is a great way to entice consumers to try a product or serve you offer and to find out how many consumers are finding your business through the directory. Remember to update your directory listing regularly and please make sure any deals are currently redeemable. As more and more consumers go to to find items and services, more people will see your business's page. If you are offering a deal keep it current, give it an expiration date or put, "Call today for the current Local First AZ deal."

Remember, you can log into your directory page whenever you need to update or add to the information there. Be sure to list your current hours and add or remove keywords as your product line up changes.

Make sure your Local First Arizona membership is working for you while you are running your business: fill out your directory page and add keywords. For support or if you need your login information, contact Deanna at 520-333-2073 or [email protected]