Comfort Food: New Look, Line of Brownies and Sugar-Free Cookies

Today's Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Cookies From Home:

We remember being away at summer camp, longing for the things that comforted us especially after an injury (days after we arrived), which left us camped out in the infirmary for the first week. We made a tearful plea to our parents, begging for a ticket home; instead, days later, we received a box of Cookies From Home and a note that read: "You can do it. Love, Dad." For over 31 years Cookies From Home has been delivering made-from-scratch cookies and treats for special and everyday occasions. This year, the brand is undergoing a major overhaul, preparing for the upcoming holiday season with a new line of brownies and sugar-free cookies. About a dozen new brownie flavors, such as Coconut Dream Bar, Raspberry Fudge and a S'more brownie with graham crackers, will soon be available, as well as sugar-free cookies made from monk fruit and other natural sweeteners for the health-conscious consumer. The kitschy Cookies From Home tin is also undergoing a change and is getting a makeover with a modernized tin and a new color palette. Now is a good time to start placing your upcoming corporate or holiday cookie orders. We know from experience that when November rolls around, these scrumptious treats, made fresh daily in Tempe, will be difficult to come by.

Cookies From Home
1605 W. University Dr., #106
Tempe, AZ 85281