Frontdoors News features Kimber Lanning: Thinking Locally First

Frontdoors News, an online magazine focused on Phoenix and Arizona culture, philanthropy, and society (and member of Local First Arizona!), recently featured our director Kimber Lanning in this month's main story and on the front cover. We were very excited to see Kimber's face in our email inbox last week!

Cory Galvan wrote an extensive exposé on Kimber's early years, and the idea behind making Local First Arizona a reality:

"After opening Modified Arts, a local gallery in Phoenix, Kimber began realizing the power of connectedness.  Some of the brightest people she worked with were leaving Arizona to find a place they'd call home.

"'If you ask people why they love a place, they'll tell you about a locally owned business.' ... Kimber's desire for a more level playing field for businesses is the reason she began Local First Arizona, a nonprofit that strengthens communities and local economies.

"'Our money should go to parks, libraries, fire departments... When you support a national company [over a local company], most of that money immediately leaves Arizona."

Not only did Frontdoors include this great article in their publication, but Frontdoors publisher Julia Patrick authored a heartfelt letter on her commitment to "living local" as a way of life:

"Culinary creations always started with Hickman's eggs and finished with Cochise Country wine... If you were dating or thinking about impressing a member of the opposite sex, Cerreta chocolates were your best weapon."

To check out the full edition of Frontdoors News, follow this link!