Tax revenues, jobs, and construction are up in Surprise

Over the past several years, the economy has been a major drag on cities and local governments, as most have been scrambling in attempt to fill major budget gaps. Though, as an Arizona Republic article reports, things seem to be improving, especially for the West Vally city of Surprise.  This is has been due largely in part to a rise in tax revenues, resulting from increase construction and retail in the area:

"While Surprise officials are pleased the construction crews have returned to the city, they are glad to see other kinds of businesses have become part of the mix.

Some of the revenue gains were due to the city's new focus on creating a diversified economic base that does not depend as much on construction, said Surprise spokesman Ken Lynch.

'We've created 1,000 new jobs,' Lynch said, referring to the new industries that have located in Surprise. 'People have told us they want more shopping and more jobs. Both of these are coming.'"

One of the major contributors to "more shopping and more jobs" has been the Barnaby Street Shoppes, a collection of small retailers at the Bell Mar Plaza.  The Shoppes opened in late 2010, and have flourished ever since.  The plaza is now home to 13 small businesses, including Local First Member Gifts to Go.

Speaking of the West Valley and the Barnaby Street Shoppes--Local First Arizona director Kimber Lanning will be at the Shoppes on September 13 discussing the benefits of joining the local movement and the work that Local First Arizona has accomplished this year.  Find more information and join us for this free event by clicking here!