Service You Can Count On: Custom Medications and Stellar Service to Boot

Today’s Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Melrose Pharmacy:

When you think of getting your prescription filled or need some advice on what to give the little one with a runny nose, it's instinctual to swing by the closest chain store pharmacy. Luckily, for those who prefer to support a local business, Melrose Pharmacy is an independently owned, full-service pharmacy that delivers personalized service and stellar customer service. Owner/pharmacist Teresa Stickler offers unique services and a family-oriented approach that is unsurpassed by mega-store pharmacies. Additionally, Melrose Pharmacy specializes in compounding which creates custom medication for patients and accommodates people allergic to fillers, dyes, preservatives or other additives. They offer delivery, consultations on hormone replacement therapy and weight loss and so much more. If you prefer one-on-one service - consider Melrose Pharmacy, which provides service levels that chain stores can only dream of.

Melrose Pharmacy
704 West Montecito Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85013